Vedic astrology learning series for beginners: Part 6 (Basics of Fifth House in vedic Astrology)

Fifth-5th House in vedic Astrology

Welcome back guyz, today we will learn about houses in Birth chart and characterstics of each and every house. Below chart is actual representation of basic birthchart.

Birth/kundli chart contains 12 fix houses and each house represents specific traits of person , for example if you want to predict about native health you can refer Sixth house likewise each house have different traits and characterstics. Lets discuss about the Fifth house and its traits .

#2. Fifth House in Birth chart

Fifth-5th House in vedic Astrology

#3. Fifth house Detailed Description

When we are speaking about pleasure, we are speaking about the fifth house. It is that part of everyone’s chart that points to joyous activities, creativity, entertainment and playful nature of the child within. Personal expression hides in this house and anything in good relation to it will give one the ability to evolve, grow, and find real satisfaction in this lifetime through activities that will fill their energy pool and make them feel alive. All colors of the world are set in this house, and this is exactly why we need to find its best symbolism and the strongest point in order to reach true creativity and express through something constructive and beautiful.

The Fifth House in vedic astrology represents the first conception of child, pleasures, society and social inclinations. It shows the tastes and fancies, artistic talents, recreation, entertainment, banquets and parties, romance, love, affair, cinema, place of entertainment, theatrical performances It is connected with the all types of materials and physical pleasures like games, sports, opera, drama, music, dance, merriment and amusements. Inclination of the native can be seen through the Fifth House of Astrology.

  • 5th House represents higher specialized education, education with fellowship, post graduation, writing, reading, debate, research, mental quest, skill. It is also considered as the house of speculative gains, trading in stock exchange, shares, gambling, betting, match fixing, lottery etc.
  • In Jataka Parijatham, it is clearly mentioned that a person’s tutelary deity, intelligence, son, religious, merit and ruler or sovereign are to be ascertained from the 5th house. The pilgrimage has to be predicted by taking into consideration to the 2nd, 5th, 7th and eleventh houses.
  • Fifth House represents love affairs, the degree to which affairs will be successful, courtship, licentiousness, legitimate and illegitimate attraction and social intercourse between sexes, rape, kidnap. It shows the physical and magnetic attraction between partners.
  • It rules over ambassadors, government representatives and diplomats from foreign countries. It represents the Ministry of Education, education, schools, morals and betting, economy of country through speculative interests, public happiness or sorrow, educational facilities, art and artistic profile of the nation.
  • The 5th house in Vedic Astrology, also known as Putra Bhava is the house of creativity, playfulness, joy, pleasure, and romance. It signifies your mental intelligence, your capability to create and innovate. The fifth house corresponds to Leo’s energy, the fifth sign in the Zodiac cycle. Since Jupiter signifies this house, which also relates to fortune, good luck, learning, and optimism.
  • The body parts that the fifth house rules over include Heart, upper and middle back, stomach, pancreas, and spine. If the fifth house is weak in your horoscope, it may cause heart problems, spinal cord disorders, acidity, diarrhea, stone in gall bladder, etc. Plus if the house is oppressed by an air sign like Gemini or Aquarius, it may lead to mental illness or irrationality.

In Next post we will learn about Sixth house lord and its characteristics.

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