Vedic astrology learning series for beginners: Part 7 (Basics of Sixth House in vedic Astrology)

Sixth-6th House in vedic Astrology

Welcome back guyz, today we will learn about houses in Birth chart and characterstics of each and every house. Lets discuss about the Sixth house and its traits .

#2. Sixth House in Birth chart

Basics of  Sixth House

#3. Sixth house Detailed Description

The Sixth House in vedic astrology represents enemies and wounds. This is an important house as enemies can destroy our mental peace. Even though philosophically the Adversary is an active collaborator and is the builder of the strength in man, practically he can make us cry with his machinations ! Hence a powerful Sixth lord is called for; if the sixth house is weak or aspected by malefics, we are bound to suffer.

The 6th House governs your work, what you do for a living. It doesn't exactly deal with the social situation at work or your career, because these things belong to the 10th House. The 6th is about what you work with, how you do it, and how that works out for you.

Planets in the 6th House indicates that a lot happens in your work and that it's an important part of your life. That's not true for everyone. Some of us spend our days at the job without caring much about it.Even if the House is void of planets, it's not sure you don't care about your work - but not as much as if you had planets there, for sure.

  • This is the house closely connected to one’s health and problems with one’s mind and body. What is the meaning of the sixth house in astrology for a person? If malefic planets are present in the house, it is an unfortunate position for the individual, as both his personal health and work will be affected according to the sixth house.
  • Self-healing and stress reduction, healing your body, following a nutrition plan, and taking care of our health daily – all of these things are described in the sixth house. People with planets in the sixth house possess the ability and the desire to heal others, and this is why many nurses have a strong placement of planets in the sixth house.
  • Being a part of one’s routine, the sixth house speaks about our pets and relationship with small animals. Having a pet has a healing effect on individuals and small animals in our lives have a large influence on our personality along with our daily habits and behavior. Pets connect with humans by giving them friendship, but besides that, they also teach us how to care for someone other than ourselves. Pets and their owners may inherit each other’s attributes and behaviors throughout the time they spend together as they share their energy with one another.
  • Good positioning of planets in the sixth house leads to balance in one’s mental, physical, and spiritual life. The influence of the sign of Virgo means constantly improving your day-to-day efficiency in order to complete many tasks throughout the day. The sixth house appreciates the small details and changes in one’s life, as they are the ones that shape the bigger picture.

In Next post we will learn about Seventh house lord and its characteristics.

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