Vedic astrology learning series for beginners: Part 10 (Basics of Ninth House in Vedic Astrology)

Basics of  Ninth House in Vedic Astrology

Welcome back guyz, today we will learn about houses in Birth chart and characterstics of each and every house. Lets discuss about the Ninth house and its traits .

#2. Ninth house Detailed Description

  • The Ninth house in vedic astrology is the house of faith, wisdom, divine and Higher Education. this house considered to be an auspicious house and shows the fortune and good Luck you earn based on your past life Karma. Luck is closely related to merit and this indicates that the native will be allowed to reap the fruits of the actions that he did in their previous birth. So, the ninth house will indicate that bhagya, fortune or prosperity, is that what has been earn based on your previous life good deed or Good Karma.
  • 9th house also rules by religion and philosophy which is represent jupiter characterstics. This is the reason Karaka lord of ninth house ruled by Jupiter. This makes the native religious, devoted, orthodox and kind hearted. Saturn in this position receiving the good aspects of the sun or Mercury will give the native forethought and intuition. The native will be deeply religious, meditative and methodical. He will be highly esteemed in religious as well as philanthropic institutions. However, in case the planets are adversely aspected, the native can go to extreme conditions in religious matters and others.
  • All the matter relating top temples, mosques, churches and religious institutions including the organizations devoted to promote the spiritual welfare of the people are attributed to the ninth house. The Hindus have attributed the ninth house to pilgrimage to holy lands, wells, circular reservoirs, charity and sacrifices. The house of the third bhava is the home of learning and perception and the ninth represents pure reason and intuition.
  • The amount of knowledge that one may develop may relate to higher education, research, learning, academic interests, literary pursuits and invention, discovery, exploration and submission of thesis. Jupiter is Ruled by 9th House ,due to which once father can be seen from this house. This house ruled by the preceptor or guru. the father was considered the guru or spiritual teacher who transmitted his psychic powers. The aspects influenced by this house are legal matters, spiritual initiation, teaching and learning because it is owned by Jupiter. The Hindus term the ninth house as indicating the occult metaphysical mind.
  • The ninth house is indicated by visions and dreams. Neptune, the planet of dreams, is said to be governed by this house. It also indicates peculiar dreams. The third and ninth houses indicate change or journeys away from the permanent residence. While the third house denotes short travel, the ninth house implies the wider mind and is related to long journeys such as voyages and air travels. It indicates the amount of travel to far off destinations and success achieved there. The house is influenced by foreigners and strangers.
  • The ninth house is the house of publishing and especially volumes of inherent value including subjects like religion, law, philosophy, science, international affairs, travel, and issues like light reading, news, and things pertaining to the ephemeral nature. Association with good people, devotion to God and elders, punya or blessings from the previous birth is indicated. Providential help is received due to the placement of various beneficial planets because the lord is favorably placed in the bhava. The ninth house also governs the short travels of the husband, wife or business partner. It is the house of being friends with the elder brother and their accomplishments.
  • the ninth house of the horoscope is called the place of fortune. According to the planet which is sitting in this house or the planet which sees this house, a person gets the support of luck. Destiny is also affected by the house in which the lord planet of this house sits. The astrologer Chandra Prabhava states that a person is self-respecting and ambitious when the sun is in the destiny place. He is fortunate in the 22nd year. Such a person participates heavily in politics and social work. Their economic condition is good. Vehicle pleasure is attained.
  • The Moon, which is in the ninth house in its horoscope, is fortunate in its 16th year. Such people are kind and religious. They benefit from the water-logged area. Such people go far away from the place of birth and make progress. The presence of Mars in the ninth house indicates that the person will get good success in work related to the land and at his birthplace itself. Such people often take the wrong approach to gain money.
  • Mercury being in the 9th house signifies that the fate of a person will be in the 32nd year. Such people are imaginative and good writers. They benefit from astrology, mathematics and tourism. Such people are very intelligent. They get fame. Guru is considered the lord of the ninth place. It is considered good to have a Guru in this place. The fate of such a person is in the 24th year, they are always supported by luck. Along with wealth and wealth, they also get respect.
  • Like Guru, Venus is also considered to be extremely auspicious. The fate of such a person is in the 25th year. Such a person is interested in literature and art. One medium of wealth can be art and literature. They have a lot of wealth. The presence of Saturn in the destiny place indicates that the person will progress slowly.
  • The latter half of such a person's life is happier and happier than the first half. His fate occurs in the 36th year. Such people are connected with rules, laws and ancient beliefs. Rahu Ketu's presence in this place tells that the fortune of the person will be in the 42nd year.

In Next post we will learn about 10th house lord and its characteristics.

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