Vedic astrology learning series for beginners: Part 13 (Basics of Twelfth House in Vedic Astrology)

Basics of Twelfth/12th House in Vedic Astrology

Welcome back guyz, today we will learn about houses in Birth chart and characterstics of each and every house. Lets discuss about the Tenth house and its traits .

Twelfth house in vedic astrology is Naturally ruled by Sign of Pisces (Water Element) which represents Circle of life. It Respresent desires, Emotions, Feelings, Latent pattern of thinking, our Bondages, our Attachments, Subconscious, our Antar Mann(Inner Mind), our Basic inner Self, Cyclical Pattern in life.(both Positive & Negative) & Our Unfulfilled Desires.

12th house is also house of Expenditure, our subconscious, cycle of Life & it's completion, salvation, Emancipation, DREAMS, Desires, Sleep, Liberation, Dedication, Hardwork, Imprisonment, Our Phobias, Bankruptcy, Mental ability, Mental Worries, Hospitals, clinics, Desires, Foreign travels, Our Investments (Both Emotional & Monetary)

#2. Twelfth house Detailed Description

  • 12th house in vedic astrology also called as "House of subconscious", things we dream and the Phobias we face. It represents our psychological boundaries and Our Internal freedom. This house tell that about our spiritual contentment. One is blessed with intuitive & psychic abilities when a benefic planets are placed in this house.
  • This house Represents the Karmas of the Native reflected by the means of Subconscious.
  • Pisces (Lord Jupiter) is the natural ruler of this house & is bestowed with all it's qualities. This is house of subconscious, sleep, latent sources of energy,dedication, training and is an important house for conselling, care centre and working there.
  • 12th house roles Foreign releted matters , so foriegn travels can be seen from here but if you want to do prediction for anyone who will settled permanently can be seen from here whereas for long distance travel can be predicted from 9th house and short distance travel can be seen from 3rd house. for example- Moon placed in 12th in house may make a person interested in settling abroad because moon is your mind and being or placed in 12th house make native always dream or think of foreign things.
  • 12th house in vedic astrology also called house of "Moksha". moksha means liberation of soul also called salvation Uniting with the Divine. Generally,Ketu well placed In 12th house provide Salavation to the Native, because ketu always detach you from materialist things in life and guide you towards spitual things. Ketu being in 12th house i.e. house moksha makes you inclined towards Salavation.
  • Sleeping pattern of native can be seen from Twelfth house in vedic astrology. disturbed or Sound sleep can be rightfully seen from this house based on planet placed this house or position of 12th house lord or based on conjuction of planets with 12th house. this house represents our subconscious and interal activations. This house is the reflection of our inner self, our subconscious.
  • 12th house in vedic astrology also called "Vyaya Bhava" - house of Expenditure. this house tells about your spending interest,12th house tells about investment we are going to will be right or wrong. proper study of 12th house give you guidence on your investment and expenditure. for example, when Mercury is malefically placed in this house one can make wrong investment which lead to grave loss of wealth.
  • 12th house in vedic astrology also represents the things which are most liked by us. The things we like spending on. Well placed Planets in 12 house will definitely lead to fulfilment of wishes & desire. For example, Venus when exalted or well placed in 12th house fullfills all the desires of a person whereas when placed Malefically may lead unfulfilled wishes & desires.
  • Uncontrollable Behaviour patterns like spending money on something useless &emotional attachments with wrong people. One's addiction & wrong habits can also be seen from this house. Placement of malefic planets specially Rahu can make a person addicted to intoxicant & One can develop false feeling of momentary pleasure & Happiness.
  • Detachments, emancipation , seclusion. Moving far away from native place. Our Phobias & psychological problems are seen from this house. When moon or Rahu is malefically placed it leads to such issues. Mental worries, tension, unstablity of mind can be seen from this house.

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