Placement of Sun in Birth chart of Vedic Astrology

placement of Sun in Birth chart of Vedic Astrology

Sun is a luminary, a star that shines bright enough to light the whole world. Without its heat and light, we are nothing but an ice-ball. Sun is what shakes things up; it is the life giving force. Its energy is profound, and decides whether you become a radiant smiling face or hide behind the clouds of ego and aggression. Sun represents the Soul.Our outer self, of how you project ourself to the world.

It is the crux of one’s identity and how it is preserved. It is the courage/confidence you employ to fight off the everyday challenges. Sun not only represents father, lt also means ego, self-esteem, spirituality, pride and soul. That’s why the Sun is the natural Atma Karaka for all.Atma Karaka means the significator of your soul. The matters of that house where the Sun is placed will show what in what your soul rejoices. The Sun is so glorious, whenever any planet gets closer to the Sun, then that planet will go in combust mode. This is not applicable for Rahu and Ketu. These are the only planets which can eclipse the Sun.

The Sun owns only one sign in the zodiac and that is Leo. He is exalted in Aries and debilitated in Libra. Other than in divisional charts the Sun will not aspect Mercury and Venus, because both these planets always orbit near the Sun. In Western astrology, Mercury and Venus can create a kind of aspect which is called Sextile or Trine.Sun is the ultimate form of purity and wherever it stays, it will try to show the areas you need to change.

#2. Sun in all the houses

  • 1st House : Displays immense ego. Despite the sign placement, the 1st house is where the Sun becomes powerful unless it is in Libra. The placement of the Sun here shows the person has strong will power & strong heart, people dislike to be treated badly and their ego gets easily hurt.
  • 2nd House : Deals with self-worth and material possessions.Sun here will give you the family property. There can be a tendency to spend more. This is the house of family also, so some sort of family business is also shown. The person may also get into government service.
  • 3rd House : Deals with media, writing, siblings and self-efforts. There can be a relation with media. Sun here the person will have the courage and he will undertake his own business.
  • 4th House : Sun doesn’t like to be in this house. Because the Sun loses its Dik Bala. Sun signifies ego, father, power and self-esteem,may have emotional issues at home. First, the Sun is pulled down and loses its vigor. unhappy atmosphere at home, but it can get improved in the later years.
  • 5th House : Deals with creativity, self – expression, children, and speculative businesses. When the Sun here person gets interested in learning ancient texts & will have interest in creative jobs.
  • 6th House : Deals with work, colleagues, health and disputes. Sun in the 6th house make you victorious over your enemies. This will bring you to a position where you manage wealth.
  • 7th House : This is the house where Sun doesn’t like to stay. The natural ruler of 7th house is Libra. Libra where the Sun is debilitated. Even if the sign is not Libra, the Sun dislike this house.
  • 8th House : Deals with longevity, finances, sex and emotional issues. This will give you support from your in-laws.Will have emotional issues, may affect your health if Sun is alone.
  • 9th House : If in the 9th house of spirituality, higher studies, religion, teaching, and publishing, then your career area will have a strong connection with the matters of the 9th house.
  • 10th House : Deals with career, social status, and elders. When the Sun is in the 10th house, it is the top portion of the chart. So you will get good position in public service.
  • 11th House : Deals with profits, gains, collective projects and hopes.Sun here will make you deal with finances in the government sector.Get opportunities to be with powerful associates.
  • 12th House : It is the most hidden places in your chart. It deals with isolation, seclusion, spirituality, and prayer. This is a good placement to know all the secrets of the universe. You may get an opportunity to go to a foreign land as well.

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