Vedic astrology series first learning for beginners: Part 1

Welcome to Indian Vedic astrology series first learning Post.

Guys we will start with basics of astrology, let's understand the terms used in astrology which you are required to always remember whenever you do Kundli analysis and predictions, So remember below terms:

#2. Birth chart

This chart is created based on DOB,Time of Birth and based on place of birth. Birth chart consist of 12 houses and each house belongs to a planet or lord who rules this house. Very important chart for anyone's kundli analysis and predictions.

#3. Planets or Lords

#4. Houses

Kundli or Birth Chart contain 12 houses or Khana or block. Each and every house have his on characteristics.

#5. Rashi

In Next post we will learn about Kundli chart houses , house lords and characteristics of each house.

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