Third-3rd House in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology learning series for beginners: Part 4 (Basics of Third House in Vedic Astrology)

Welcome back guyz, today we will learn about houses in Birth chart and characterstics of each and every house. Below chart is actual representation of basic birthchart.

Third-3rd House in Vedic Astrology

Birth/kundli chart contains 12 fix houses and each house represents specific traits of person , for example if you want to predict about native health you can refer Sixth house likewise each house have different traits and characterstics. Lets discuss about the Third house and its traits .

#2. Third House in Birth chart

Third-3rd House in Vedic Astrology

#3. Third house Detailed Description

Third House in vedic astrology represents Younger Siblings, Communication,Speech , your athletic ability which represents ability to workout or activity which requires strength. The Third House is ruled by Gemini and the planet Mercury. Below are some key characterstics of Third House,

  • In the Kaal Purusha Chart the third house is ruled by Gemini, for that reason the influence of communication and intellect is seen through third house. The significator of Third House is Mars, for this reason we can see that energy , vitality, courage, and determination are seen from the third house. 3rd House also represents Short distance travel. You can see short distance travel from this house which is always a temporary travel for some days or month.
  • Third house is very important to see courage of any person, based on the planetary position in this house person's courage can be seen. For example , placement of Mars or Rahu makes individual very courageous and this kind of people can be seen in army or police force whereas placement of Saturn in 3rd house makes an individual calculative in taking risk.
  • Third house play very vital role for business , it has been seen that in many Birth chart if Saturn is placed in 3rd house the person will surely start his own business post 35 yrs of age . Third House represents driving , media , journalist , art . Also known as house dictation, its about teaching or dictating something through your communication.
  • Third house represents body parts like - lower neck, shoulders, arms and ears (especially the right ones), hands, shoulders and collar bones, thyroid gland, respiratory and nervous system, etc.
  • Let's consider the prediction for any health issue related to third house, will be due to affliction of third house or its lord.It can cause vulnerability to problems of respiratory canal,respiratory diseases, asthma, disorders of thyroid, imbalance in the nervous system, depression resulting in partial paralysis,stammering, shoulder pains, fracture in the collar bone region, partial deafness, tuberculosis, etc.
  • A strong Mercury, as a significator of communicative capability, helps as a protective cover.

In Next post we will learn about Fourth house lord and its characteristics.

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