Fourth-4th House in Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology learning series for beginners: Part 5 (Basics of Fourth House in Vedic Astrology)

Welcome back guyz, today we will learn about houses in Birth chart and characterstics of each and every house. Below chart is actual representation of basic birthchart.

Fourth-4th House in Vedic Astrology

Birth/kundli chart contains 12 fix houses and each house represents specific traits of person , for example if you want to predict about native health you can refer Sixth house likewise each house have different traits and characterstics. Lets discuss about the Fourth house and its traits .

#2. Fourth House in Birth chart

Fourth-4th House in Vedic Astrology

#3. Fourth house Detailed Description

Fourth house in vedic astrology represents your family, ancestors, childhood, mother and It is one of the four Aspious houses we call as a ‘Kendra’ of the birth chart. Karak Planet: Moon for mind, Venus for vehicle, Mercury for happiness, Jupiter for education, and Mars for real estate. It tells about you owning your own house and talks about your home environmental happiness. This 4th house also describes the property inherited from father or mother. It represents basic education, vehicles, domestic peace, comforts, immovable properties etc. marital harmony in the grown-up stage of life; if strong, it gives long lived parents. Its lord is considered the most benefic planet. Body parts such as heart, chest, lungs and breasts are represented by fourth house.

  • All mind related matter such as pleasure of mind, mental condition, stress, peace of mind etc. belongs to 4th House. Comfort of life is this house; comfort like sound sleep, good clothes, good food, plenty of fun, luxuries of life, anything!
  • All mother matter such as health of mother, status of mother, relationship between you and your mother, nature of mother belongs to 4th House. It also represents your mother land and mother home (your native home), so any problem or dispute related to your house, or buying or selling of your house (your own property) is governed by 4th house. Whether you will have immovable properties such as land, house etc is decided by the condition of 4th house. 4th house may also decide your career in property business e.g. wether you will become a property dealer or real estate business man. This house also represents agriculture land, farm house, garden, crops, field etc. Whether you will stay at home or far from home, loss/dispute of your house-property or rental property belongs here.
  • It represents deep inside hidden part of your heart such as love, romance, behavior, kindness, rudeness, your hidden nature etc. It is also indicates the type of your friend circle. Water related matters belong to 4th House.
  • Vehicles, one of the status symbols nowadays, relates to 4th House. However, it could be any form of vehicle such as bicycle, motorcycles, four wheeler, Trucks etc. So matters such as you might deal into transport business or tour and travel agency how many vehicles you have, problems you might face regarding your vehicle can be read here.
  • Primary education, school/college level education, belongs here. If You want to see the education status of native, if he will have good education, further education, higher studies, this is the house. It also works as platform for higher studies.
  • Being one of the moksha sthan, it also makes you spiritual in life.

In Next post we will learn about Fifth house lord and its characteristics.

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